What Makes a Good or Bad Amsterdam Escort Agency?

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The quality of a good escort service can depend on the girls and quality of service they provide. Independent escorts are not liable to any but themselves. Therefore, any disagreements and complaints can’t be mediated or resolved as there’s no third-party involvement. A good escort agency will add reassurance if something doesn’t go as planed. Women who work independently are really doing themselves a disservice because escort agencies provide protection for the women as well.

A Good Amsterdam Escort Agency

A good escort agency will provide a quality website where customers can browse in discretion. They will have a solid customer service call center and provide accurate information. They will keep your business private and they will not make you feel awkward when you ask particular questions. Their website and business should be established and have records of paying taxes as well as employee data.

They will provide safe transportation for the escorts and have safety measures in place that protect the consumer as well. They should be able to handle disputes or issue refunds due to uncontrollable circumstances or provide an alternative escort. They should protect and honer your privacy rights and not sell your information to third-parties.

A Bad Amsterdam Escort Agency

A bad escort agency will practice in illegal activities like extortion of customers. Even though the extortion rates have dropped over the past decade in Amsterdam, there are a lot of methods for shady escort agencies to generate money. For example, they charge extra money for services that are already paid for. It happens more than most people think it does. Manipulating and deceiving older and defenseless clients is not only dishonest but borderline theft.

Another good sign for a bad escort agency is criminal associations. Amsterdam if full of escorts who are known for being associated with criminals. A lot of these thugs are nothing more than a street pimp but backed by powerful underground mob bosses. In a lot of cases, the girls are often extorted and forced to work extra hours. It’s best to stay away from these types of agencies and play it safe by calling an established agency without criminal associations.

A good Amsterdam escort agency is honest in their pricing and controls the prices that escorts can charge.