Amsterdam Escorts and Window Prostitution

red lights district

There are a wide variety of professional escort services and beauty escort Amsterdam agencies that provide quality and safe adult entertainment. Then, there’s the red light districts where window prostitution is alive and well. There’s also a lot of common slang terms for escorts and working girls in Amsterdam. Let’s take a look at some of these terms and get a better understanding.

Street Hookers

Once upon a time there was place called “tipplezone” in Amsterdam. It was a place where street whores could legally sell sex; however, it no longer exist. When you’re walking the streets late at night in De Wallen, be careful because South American and African street hookers will try to make contact with you. They can get quite aggressive in their approach and will do their best to provide sexual service. Tourists are at the highest risk of being robbed, and this is where an established escort agency is the way to go.

Window Girls

Just as the name implies, window girls work behind a red-lighted window. There are a lot of different types of window girls in Amsterdam’s red light districts. A lot are from different ethnic backgrounds and provide a wide array of sexual services from anal to gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, BDSM, bondage, and straight sex. The locals are frequent visitors as well as tourist from all over the world. It’s not uncommon for a window girl to have sex with 30 different customers in the course of a day.

Erotic Massage Therapist

Girls who work at erotic massage parlors offer a little more on the side. They can be found in the red light districts as well as in sex clubs, brothels, and uncertain perilous places. The service is very personalized and the rooms are designed with some bizarre decorations. A lot of independent Amsterdam escorts work from these establishments, and they can be found in the city or nearby.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to understand that the red light districts are a fun place to go, but for tourist outside of theer realm in the wrong section, can be dangerous. It’s always best to go with someone if you’ve never been there before. For the safest adult entertainment, just call an Amsterdam escort agency.