8 Ball Pool Game Guide (Tips & Hacks)

8 ball pool is a very popular game that almost everybody (if not all know of). It is a game that is played by both guys and ladies across the globe. Over the years, 8 ball pool has gained popularity and traction in the gaming industry. Today, the game has over 10 million downloads and is still counting. Because of the popularity and awareness that the game has gained over the years, we have decided to create and publish this website to share tips and tricks about the game that will help people play the game successfully and also gain the best out of 8 ball pool game.

8 ball pool

Aside the tips and tricks that will be regularly and frequently published on this website, our readers and fans will also be able to gain access to our latest 8 ball pool hack tool which when deployed will enable them get unlimited coins and stars in the game. If you have been playing this particular game plus any other exciting and fascinating mobile game such as pixel gun 3d and subway surfers, then you obviously understand the importance of having huge amount of coins and other related game resources.

Before we get any into any further detail about 8 ball pool, let take a moment to discuss about what the is basically about and what will be required to play the game successfully.

About 8 Ball Pool

Like most popular games out there, 8 ball pool is a mobile-based billiard –theme pool simulation sporting game that is primarily serviced by a popular and long standing game company known as Miniclip with bases in Italy, Portugal, England and Switzerland.

Compatible Playing Platforms

Since it is a mobile game, it can mainly be played on mobile devices that are running any compatible operating system. Some of the few operating system that the game can smoothly run on without any hassles include; Windows, iOS, Blackberry and Android. It will interest you to note that all these operating system where not initially supported when the game was first introduced into the market but as it gained traction and popularity, the demand for it to be accessed on other platforms began coming in and eventually when the demands could be ignored any longer the door was opened for it to be played on other platforms.

Unlike most games that is only restricted to being played on only computer and mobile devices, 8 ball pool game can played also on any flash based internet browser.

Requirements for Playing 8 Ball Pool

Having taken some time to talk about the game including the operating systems that it is compatible on, let’s now discuss the basic requisite that must be put in place before anyone can successfully play the game.

An electronic gadget with moderate Specifications

The first thing that anyone seeking to explore this fascinating game must have in place is good mobile phone that has moderate to high specifications. Don’t get us wrong! Phones are not the only device that can be used in playing the game. Any electronic gadget running a compatible operating system and having a good technical specification can be used in playing the game. By a moderate specification, we mean that the device should have at least 2 GB RAM, 1.8 GHZ processor and a free storage space of about 4 GB. These will enable the game to run smoothly as it was originally engineered to run. Anything less than the ones specified above may result lagging and freezing.

When that happens, you will not enjoy the game and in some instances may even hate the game. In order to ensure that this does not happen, be sure that whichever device you are using to access the game has the basic specifications as outlined above.

8 Ball Pool APK File

Once you have a good device that meets all the requirement that was outlined in the paragraph above, it is now time to move on to the second step which is the apk source file of the game. Don’t be frightened into thinking that this step is complicated. As a matter of fact, this is one the simplest step in the whole process. To access the apk file, you simply have to perform a search on google play for the game name.

Once the application returns the result of your search query, click on the result with the exact name as the one you typed into the search box, accept the terms and condition and then click the download button for the file to start downloading. Depending on the speed of your internet service, it may take a short or longer period to download. But whichever is the case, we recommend that you exercise a little patience for the file to be downloaded and installed successfully.

After the file has been downloaded and installed successfully, you are now ready to start playing the game. The next you will have to perform is to simply navigate to the game icon among your applications and click it once to open and start playing.

Now you will have to agree with me that the entire process was not that difficult as most people seem to make it appear.

8 Ball Pool Hack

Before we go any further in this step, we do like to state that this is not a mandatory step. You should be absolutely fine with the steps outlined above. You are not required to implement this step if you don’t want to. This is only for the advanced game players out there that may want to their gaming experience to the next level.

In this step, you will get to learn how you can unlock the premium features of the game free of charge. By this, you will be able to get unlimited coins and other resources that the game has to offer. The good thing is that while most people are paying for these premium features to be unlocked, you will be gaining access to it for free of charge.

Because this article is already longer than we expected it to, we will not be sharing the hacking process for 8 ball pool on this page anymore but will be shared on a different page still on this website. So if you are an advanced game player interested in learning how to access and implement 8 ball pool hack to get unlimited coins and other resources then make sure you visit our hack tool resource page.


Thank you for taking the time to peruse our website. We hope that this article has provided all the necessary information about this fascinating sport game. if there is anything you would want to lean about the game which we have not covered or covered in great details don’t hesitate to send us a mail using the form on our contact page.