The Evolution of Escorts in Amsterdam

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To understand the evolution of escort Amsterdam services, it’s important to know its origins. During the 70s, most of the prostitutes were from Thailand, and in the 1980s, it saw an increase from the Caribbean as well as from Latin America. High class independent London Escorts were also on the rise. When the Berlin Wall came down, prostitutes from Eastern and Central Europe starting to coming into the Netherlands.

According to a report published in 1999, two-thirds of all prostitutes in the Netherlands were foreigners, and a large percentage of them did not have immigration papers. Prostitution and operating a brothel are both regulated and legal in the Netherlands. One of the biggest and most well-known red light districts in Amsterdam is De Wallen, which is a hot-spot for international sex tourism.

What is a Red Light District?

In the red light districts of Amsterdam you can see myriads of escorts and working call girls Amsterdam being flirtatious and seductive with people from behind a red-lighted window. Any average person can walk through a Red Light District and not feel out of place. There are plenty of people of all genders and ages in these areas as well as being packed with local residents. The Amsterdam escorts are not your average “street hooker” type that you might find in other locations; moreover, they are downright gorgeous.

The Economical Impact of Legal Prostitution

Because prostitution is legal in Amsterdam, and most prostitutes belong to a union, red-lighted window spots for escorts and working girls are diminishing. Most prostitutes are employed with an escort agency that provides safe and discreet adult entertainment. This is a multi-billion dollar industry that impacts the economy as well as local brick-and-mortar stores. It keeps the girls working safely and provides them a sustainable income stream. The escort agencies in Amsterdam are putting money back into the local economy as well as providing a safe, quality service.

Some of the red-lighted windows that once showcased beautiful women are now cafes, shops and kiosks. These areas are impacted the most, but there are still plenty of girls working the windows in these red light areas; however, the safer alternative is to use an escort agency for adult entertainment.

How to Find an Escort in Amsterdam

Taking a stroll through any one of the red light districts will produce instant results as well as a wide selection of sexual services. Then you have window girls and erotic massage parlors who will offer up a little more. For up-scale people and distinguished gentlemen, there are sex clubs, brothels and the preferred choice of an escort agency.